Core Holders

User Friendly | Low Annulus Volume | Corrosion Resistant | Modular

Proven Design

Our Core Holders are designed based on our vast experimental experience. Therefore, we provide you with a thought-through and user-friendly design, with a easy slide on sleeve and plugs with easy access for cleaning the core holder.

Modularity to Specially Fit Your Application

As with all our components, Core Holders can be tailored to your specific needs. May it be the connection ports, volume, diameter, or pressure levels, you define all using our configurator. Please contact us if you are missing any option.

High Grade Material for Best Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistance matters, especially when you work with acids, leach, brine and other aggressive chemicals. Our Core Holders can be made from various corrosion resistant materials like stainless steel (V2A, V4A), Titanium and Hastelloy.


Use the mouse (click and drag) on the image to change perspective.

Swipe to the left or right on the image to change perspective.


  • Heating Mantle

    Core Holders can be delivered with a specially designed heating system. This can be either driven by a heating controller (which comes with a modular software system), or it can be included in your controller.
  • Holding Stands & Miscellaneous

    We provide holding stands, valves and more to include our Core Holders in your setup. Please contact us if you need detailed information.

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