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At HOT fluidXlab, we understand the unique challenges that energy companies face in today’s competitive market. We have designed our solutions to provide innovative, reliable and HSE-compliant fluid testing services. This allows us to meet the requirements of even the most challenging projects (CCS, CCU, hydrogen).

WHY CHOOSE fluidXlab?

We specialise in fast and accurate PVT (pressure-volume-temperature) and fluid analysis, helping engineers understand fluid behaviour at different scales. By leveraging our technologies and expertise, we can draw valuable conclusions from the results that can support you in optimising your operations.

All laboratory experiments are being conducted in compliance with the strictest HSE regulations using fluids and diverse gas mixtures including hydrogen, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons in extreme conditions (under high pressure and in extreme temperatures).

Key Benefits of our fluid
testing services

Our PVT and fluid analysis solutions are designed to deliver the most accurate and reliable results, allowing you to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. The benefits for the oil & gas and Energy companies include:

Robust Workflows
at scale

Robust Workflows
at scale

Being able to conduct a large number of experiments is critical for large-scale projects. By integrating microfluidics-based fluid testing approaches, we are able to accelerate the testing process and reduce costs. Furthermore, we also offer specialised testing capabilities for H2 and CO2.



Our services in the field of fluid testing include phase behaviour, flow assurance, PVT, microfluidics testing, and more. This allows us to cater to a variety of needs.



fluidXlab offers an extensive range of customisable solutions to meet specific requirements and address customer challenges with tailor-made equipment and fluid-testing-specific services.

Our Services at a glance

fluidXlab’s experienced engineers and scientists are well-versed in the latest methods, tools, and technologies for performing PVT and fluid analyses. We use advanced software to collect, analyse, and interpret data, and work with sophisticated models and simulations to optimise processes and assess risks.

  • Density of liquids and gases, including H2, CO2 mixtures
  • Viscosity of liquids and gases, including H2, CO2 mixtures
  • Binary and Multicomponent Gas Diffusion
  • Synthetic Gas Preparation
  • Fluid Recombination
  • Fluid Validation
  • Composition of Pressurised Sample
  • Transfer & Storage of Pressurised Sample
  • Gas Chromatography (GC)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
  • Ion Chromatography (IC)
  • IR Spectroscopy
  • Constant Composition Expansion (CCE)
  • Constant Volume Depletion (CVD)
  • Differential Liberation Expansion (DLE)
  • Separator Test
  • Solubility of liquid in gas and gas in liquid
  • Asphaltene Onset Pressure (AOP)
  • Asphaltene Onset Temperature (AOT)
  • Wax Appearance Temperature (WAT)
  • Salt Precipitation
  • Chemical Screening
  • Solubility Swelling Test
  • Minimum Miscibility Pressure (MMP)
  • Multi-contact Test
  • Interfacial Tension (IFT) & Contact Angle
  • Fluid Recombination
  • Minimum Miscibility Pressure (MMP)
  • Asphaltene Onset Pressure
  • Asphaltene Onset Temperature
  • Constant Composition Expansion (CCE)
  • Dew Point
  • Chemical Screening (Carbon Capture / EOR / Flow Assurance)


In recent years, our work was featured in the following publications:

The Role of Diffusion on the Reservoir Performance in Underground Hydrogen Storage.

Arekhov, A.; Clemens, T.; Wegner, J.; Abdelmoula, M. and T. Manai. 2023

Paper SPE-214435-MS presented at the SPE EuropEC 2023. Vienna. Austria. 5-8 June 2023

Measurement of Effective Hydrogen-Hydrocarbon Gas Diffusion Coefficients in Reservoir Rocks.

Arekhov, A.; Zhainakov, T.; Clemens, T.; Wegner, J., 2023.

Paper SPE-214451-MS presented at the SPE EuropEC 2023. Vienna. Austria. 5-8 June 2023

EOS Fluid Modelling for Underground Hydrogen Storage in a Depleted Natural Gas Field.

Nielsen M. H.; Arekhov V. V.; Whitson C. H.; Clemens T.; Zhainakov T.; Wegner J., 2023.

Paper SPE-214437-MS presented at the SPE EuropEC 2023. Vienna. Austria. 5-8 June 2023

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We invited HOT fluidXlab to provide laboratory support in our research of potential candidates for underground hydrogen storage (UHS) in Europe. HOT fluidXlab never ceased to impress with their professionalism, persistence and surpassing our expectations in delivering highly valuable and reliable data.

Dr. Clemens T., Senior Reservoir Engineering Adviser at OMV Energy

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