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Laboratory Excellence for Oil & Gas field Development and Underground Energy Storage

Our fully equipped laboratory puts us in a position to perform laboratory experiments using fluids (oil & brines) and various gas mixtures including hydrogen, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons at reservoir conditions in compliance with highest HSE regulations. Our laboratory equipment ranges from autoclaves to PVT systems to core-flooding and microfluidic rigs.

Microfluidics / © The HOT Energy Group
Microfluidic fluid analysis technology is an integral part of our laboratory workflows at fluidXlab. We integrate microfluidics to complement or replace conventional measurement methods for IOR/EOR, H2 storage and CCS/CCUS applications.
PVT image / © Leonhard Ganzer - The HOT Energy Group

We have designed our solutions to provide innovative, reliable and HSE-compliant fluid testing services. This allows us to meet the requirements of even the most challenging projects (CCS, CCU, hydrogen).

Cores / © The HOT Energy Group

Are you looking to unlock the full potential of fluid flow in porous media and underground storage? At fluidXlab, we offer rock-solid lab services to help you achieve these goals.

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