New Cooperation with Wintershall Dea TSC

New cooperation agreement between Wintershall Dea's Technology & Service Center and HOT Microfluidics!

They are joining forces to tackle the challenges of the energy transition and decarbonisation of carbon-intensive industries in Europe. Both laboratories intend to provide an enhanced variety of laboratory services and to supply an accurate data base for planning and designing CCS/CCU, Hydrogen and IOR/EOR field projects.

Staff members of Wintershall and HOT / © HOT Microfluidics & Wintershall Dea
From left: Leonhard Ganzer, Jonas Wegner, Bastian Koehrer, Pit Arnold

About Wintershall Dea TSC

Wintershall Dea is implementing CCS and hydrogen projects and one of the initiators of the Norwegian German (NOR-GE) (Link: Wintershall Dea and Equinor partner up for large-scale CCS value chain in the North Sea | Wintershall Dea AG) North Sea pipeline CCS project. The plan is to connect Germany, the largest CO2 emitter in Europe, and Norway, which has Europe’s largest CO2 storage potential.

Wintershall Dea TSC / © Wintershall Dea
Wintershall Dea TSC / © Wintershall Dea

About HOT Microfluidics

HOT Microfluidics’ activities focus on experiments with hydrogen (H2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and oil & gas mixtures in compliance with the highest HSE standards. The company helps energy companies and research organisations around the globe perform lab experiments faster and at significantly lower costs. The turnkey InspIOR® device is the industry-leading microfluidic flooding platform and is a registered trademark of the HOT Energy Group.

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