Introducing fluidXlab

FluidXlab – Your Trusted Source for Advanced Laboratory Services

Since 2017, we have provided advanced microfluidic services and supplied our industry-leading InspIOR® microfluidic technology platform to the E&P industry and to academia.


InspIOR® is a turnkey “ready-to-use” professional system to investigate subsurface fluid flow, fluid-fluid interactions, minimum miscibility pressures (MMP), PVT, phase envelopes, diffusion coefficients, hydrogen methanisation, and much more.

The many challenges associated with the energy transition and the urgent demand to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, combined with the requirement for safe and sound operations of critical gas infrastructure, have led us to expand our portfolio to better accommodate these needs.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts is committed to providing high-quality, state-of-the-art, fast, flexible and cost-effective laboratory services and fluidic systems with a focus on

  • Underground Hydrogen (H2) and Gas (UGS) Storage
  • Carbon Sequestration and Usage (CCS/CCUS)
  • Improved and Enhanced Oil Recovery (IOR/EOR)
  • Conformance Control and Flow Assurance

in compliance with the strictest HSE regulations.

Benefitting from our competitive edge, we integrate our industry-leading microfluidic technology into our laboratory workflows to

  • Accelerate delivery of experimental results
  • Accelerate field project implementation
  • Significantly reduce cost Minimise environmental footprint
  • Substantially reduce required fluid volumes
  • Provide visual access to multi-phase flow and interface

HOT Microfluidics GmbH (fluidXlab), a privately held and independent limited company incorporated in Germany in 2017, was founded to consolidate the HOT Energy Group’s microfluidic solutions expertise developed over the last decade in collaboration with leading university and research associations.

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