HOT Energy Group partners with Texas OilTech Laboratories

The HOT Energy Group partners with Texas OilTech Laboratories

The HOT Energy Group partners with Texas OilTech Laboratories to introduce HOT Microfluidics’ leading-edge technology services to the Americas

The HOT Energy Group is pleased to announce that HOT Microfluidics has signed a collaboration agreement with Houston-based Texas OilTech Laboratories. HOT Microfluidics is the leading provider of turnkey microfluidic platforms for IOR/EOR, conformance control, flow assurance, fluid characterisation, carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), as well as underground hydrogen storage. Founded in 1985, Texas OilTech Laboratories provide advanced, independent laboratory services for petroleum, petrochemical products, and upstream oil and gas worldwide.

HOT Microfluidics expand its presence in North and South America

Microfluidics applications are attracting increasing interest as this technology enables fast and cost-effective laboratory experiments while providing additional insights through visual access.

The collaboration agreement with Texas OilTech Laboratories will expand HOT Microfluidics’ cutting-edge technology offering to the North and South American markets.

With this partnership, Microfluidics’ proprietary ‘Rock-on-a-Chip’ microfluidic technology, lab services and the InspIOR® platform, components, and micromodels will be provided in the Americas directly by Texas OilTech Laboratories.

Dr Diethard Kratzer, CEO at HOT Microfluidics, commented: “Joining forces with Texas OilTech Laboratories will address the growing need for fast and cost-effective lab experiments. With more than 35 years of experience and a strong presence as a leading petroleum laboratory in Houston (USA), the Texas-based company is the perfect partner for us. We are very pleased about the collaboration and the market expansion.”

Dr Phil Sorurbakhsh, CEO at Texas OilTech Laboratories, added: “Thanks to this partnership, we are now in the position to offer our customers a wide spectrum of new and innovative technologies and services.”

About HOT Microfluidics

HOT Microfluidics’ activities focus on experiments with hydrogen (H2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and oil & gas mixtures in compliance with the highest HSE standards. The company helps energy companies and research organisations around the globe perform lab experiments faster and at significantly lower costs. The turnkey InspIOR® device is the industry-leading microfluidic flooding platform and is a registered trademark of the HOT Energy Group.

About Texas OilTech Laboratories

Since 1985, Texas OilTech Laboratories has been committed to remaining a world-class, independent laboratory for petroleum, petrochemical products, and oil and gas upstream services.

With a team of highly skilled petroleum engineers and chemists, they provide in-house and on-site testing and analytical services using the best available state-of-the-art instrumentation and procedures. For more information, please visit:


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